Monday, December 19, 2011

there is a spirit in the air

I wasted no time unfurling my needle free christmas tree (next to my real one)
Have you noticed how many more people seem to be into the Holidays this year?  It started with Halloween, escalated to Thanksgiving and unlike the usual house or two,  half the street was aglow by Black Friday.  Here we are with Christmas a week away.  Perhaps it's the sense of comradery to say enough with all this work till you drop.  A colleague pointed out the other day how annoying it was to hear we should be grateful to be working.  "I'm not comparing myself to the unfortunate who do not have a job, I'm comparing myself to the Fortune 500."
  I love giving gifts (ok,& getting 'em), Christmas songs, baking, cooking and most importantly sharing it with friends and family.  I  love trolling around looking into windows for gifts and no matter how much I tell myself not to, I seem to buy one for you and then buy one for me.  I do wish Los Angeles could get their act together and put up some amazing holiday windows...

Have you seen Santacon?  It was this past Saturday in LA (could it have been any good- in a non-walking city?)  It would be great if it was mixed with a Ciclavia!

 I've made this 3 times this week for gifts and it is so yummy!  Saltine Christmas Bark (Crack)

Last but not least, year after year, this has been one of my go-to gifts:
ffrench family calendar
i've been getting this since you had to write the check first and send it to the Berkshires  address that read something like " The ffrench family, the second house of the left past the red brick school house"

 If that doesn't do it for ya, you can also purchase the house from Home Alone.

Eat Drink and Be Merry

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